The Solution

Who are we ? 

Groupassur is a broker specializing in the service to other brokers and offering distinctive products of insurance across Canada. 

Our mission

Provide comprehensive, innovative and efficient insurance solutions to our network of Canadian brokers.

Our engagement 

By making of you, the brokers, the center of its business model, Groupassur continues to develop and to adapt its products to go beyond the needs of your customers.


GROUPASSUR was founded in 1993 by a group of brokers who wanted to come together to provide services to large groups and associations. Over the years, GROUPASSUR's mission has evolved into the development of specialized products.

In 2006, with a new direction to control the destiny of GROUPASSUR, a lot of efforts are put into developing new products and meeting the needs of brokers.

In 2009, GROUPASSUR acquired Edmonton-based CFI Underwriting Managers, allowing the company to become nationwide.
In 2014 GROUPASSUR was taken over by three employees: Jean-François Raymond, Micheline Morency and Marie-Philippe Lambert. GROUPASSUR becomes independent and diversify its markets.

In 2017, GROUPASSUR launches GROUPASSUR Transport specializing in Long Haul Trucking, an exclusive partnership with Echelon Assurance.

In 2018, GROUPASSUR expanded its offering by acquiring William J. Henry & Associates, a wholesaler serving brokers across Quebec for 34 years.
In 2019, GROUPASSUR acquires the managing general agent division of TecAssur Specialty Insurance, a wholesaler serving brokers across Quebec for more than 10 years.

Also in 2019, a month later, GROUPASSUR made its first acquisition in Ontario, TCB Underwriting Ltd., a Canadian wholesaler that has been offering insurance products in Ontario since 2013. This transaction allows GROUPASSUR to better and more effectively serve its Ontario brokers by increasing its team of underwriters

GROUPASSUR  The Solution 


GROUPASSUR is going Green starting January 1st 2017 by sending all documents electronically. All the documents will be sent directly to the broker in charge of the account unless there’s a prior agreement.

However if you prefer that we send everything to a general email address please complete the form here.